A different kind of workplace wellness.

We bring together the latest science, the newest technology, and ancient wisdom to help you improve your team's morale, increase your bottom line, and elevate everyone's quality of life.

Testimonials & Proven Results

I’ve been working with Ted for just 2 weeks so far and I’m already down 10lbs!

– Richard, Hollywood Wax Museum


I’ve been sleeping better and have more energy at work!

– Vanessa, Hollywood Wax Museum


Thanks to the meditation advice from the trainers,

I’ve been able to feel less stressed and more focused at work.

– Amy, Kuvera Partners

My cholesterol is down 20 points since we started the program!

– Sandy, Kuvera Partners


I’m using empirical evidence, my team loves it!

– Steve, CEO, Clocktower Group


The Wellness Program has enhanced my overall wellbeing because the group challenge has helped me feel accountable to contribute to the team and do my part.

– Anonymous from a team survey

Our Plan is Simple


All participants begin by filling out a short self-assessment about their overall wellness.

Fit Test & Goal Setting Session:

We lead participants through a fit test and an individual goal setting session.

Wellness App:

All participants have access to our wellness app partner which includes AI integration.

Workout Plan:

We create a customized workout calendar specifically designed for each individual.

Weekly Follow Up:

We contact each person at least once a week to make sure they are staying on track.

Corporate Challenge:

We gamify your experience to build your team's morale and thus increase productivity and your bottom line!

Inquire about how we can make your team thrive!

We believe that people perform better when they feel better. Our job is to find out what makes each person in your organization feel better, then help them do more of that.

We're happy to offer your organization a free workout session, yoga class, or guided mediation, so you can meet our team and get a feel of the kind of service we provide.

Either give us a call or inquire below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Thanks and Stay Healthy!

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TeamWRx Pricing

$99 per person set up fee.
Includes Initial self-assessment, Fit test, & Individualized goal setting session.


USD $59/mo
  • Custom Wellness Program
  • Subscription to our Wellness App
  • 1 weekly email communication to help keep you accountable to your goals.


USD $199/mo
  • All of the Bronze plan Included plus...
  • 3-5 weekly emails
  • 15-20 min monthly Skype call.


USD $999/mo
  • Executive Health coaching plan.
  • All of the Silver Included plus...
  • Unlimited email communication.
  • Regular texting with your coach.
  • Bi-weekly 15-20 min Skype call.
  • Quarterly video analysis of your exercise/movement.
  • Quarterly blood work analysis (lab tests are additional expense)